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Making noodles at Melaka’s Mamee Museum

Did you love Mamee Monster noodle snack as a kid? I sure did, it was one of my favorite childhood snacks! I loved eating it without the seasoning.

Looking for ideas for things to do in Melaka?

Check out this museum dedicated to Mamee Monster, at Jonker Street!

Did you know, there’s a Mamee Museum in Melaka? Well, it’s more than a museum – also a concept store with a cafe, shop, gallery; conceptualized by the popular snack’s parent company: Mamee Double-Decker. Known as Mamee Jonker House, it’s all about Mamee!

Mamee Museum

So it was such that I walked past a particular Mamee Jonker House while strolling down Jonker Street in Malacca in 2014, after having lunch at Calanthe Art cafe. Unfortunately, on that Tuesday, it wasn’t open for business.

In 2015, I returned to Malacca again with my friend, and this time, I made sure to pre-reserve slots for its Lil Monster Kitchen, a 90-min hands-on workshop where you get to make Mamee noodles as well as personalize your own snack pack.

Mamee Museum

Look who greeted us at the door! A very blue, cute Mamee Monster mascot! The heat from Malacca’ sun was blazing, but this guy was sure dedicated to his job, actively posing for photos and welcoming visitors outside the shop! #respect

Making Mamee Monster noodles at Mamee Museum

– Lil Monster Kitchen workshop –

Mamee Museum Monster KitchenWe quickly scurried upstairs to join the Lil Monster Kitchen workshop where many kids were anticipating its start in excitement.

First, you start off watching a video animation of a summary of the workshop outline. Then, all the workshop participants, which were mostly kids actually (but their parents/grandparents were all there too), will put on a Mamee apron and a hair-cap, wash their handsthoroughly with hands and soap as part of hygiene practices, and the workshop begins!

Mamee Jonker House Lil Monster Kitchen • The Petite WanderessEach participant will make his/her dough from scratch, mixing flour and water together and squeezing them into a ball. Next, we put the dough through a machine a few times – it flattens the dough, before the machine cuts the flattened dough into skinny strips. Very easy to follow, and Mamee Kitchen has staff to guide should you need help.

Mamee Museum Monster Kitchen: dough machineMamee Museum Monster Kitchen: making doughMamee Museum Monster Kitchen

In between the processes, you’ll get time to decorate a blank piece of snack wrap! The workshop provides colored markers for you to do it any way you like for your snack wrap.Mamee Museum Monster Kitchen: empty packMamee Museum Monster Kitchen

After seasoning the noodles with what I suspect is sesame oil, by this time, the noodles smell so good I feel like eating them already, raw. Then, the staff will collect all the noodle trays so that they can deep-fry them. Erm, you won’t be able to trace which noodles belong to you, oops >.<

As the staff deep-fries the noodles, for safety reasons, we can only watch from outside, separated by glass panels. It’s very safe!

Mamee Museum Monster KitchenMamee Museum Monster KitchenMamee Museum Monster Kitchen: deep-fryingThey change the oil every 4 sessions if I’m not wrong (overheard someone asking the staff).

Look! I’m done decorating my Mamee snack pack, hehe. Because it was my birthday that day, I dedicated the artwork to wishing myself a happy birthday in Malacca!

Mamee Museum Monster Kitchen

As a final step, Mamee’s staff will put the fried noodles into your decorated wrapper and seal it with a machine.


And my personal Mamee Monster noodle snack is done!

Workshop participants also receive a 10-pack Mamee Monster noodle snacks as a gift, inside a very cute Mamee Monster paperbag. Didn’t expect this and was happy to have even more Mamee snacks to eat, hehe.

Mamee Museum Monster Kitchen: done!

Lil Monster Kitchen Review

The workshop was a great experience both for adults and kids. Instructions (in English) and steps were easy to understand and follow, and attentive staff will go around to facilitate. Parents can freely accompany kids as it’s an open space within the workshop area, and the workshops are kept small. All the kids were so excited about the processes – their excitement rubbed off on us as well! My friend and I were probably the only adult participants but it doesn’t matter at all =D Adults are all children inside – we just need to remember to have fun and be happy!

I’ll recommend this workshop as a bonding activity for families =)

Noodle Doodle – Personalize your own Noodle Cup

There’s a different workshop area called Mamee Monster DIY (now called) Noodle Doodle, where you get to personalize your noodle cup with seasonings and condiments. We didn’t try due to being short of time. Tell the cashier at level 1 you’ll like to do that and they’ll pass you 6 plastic cups. The workshop reminded me of the Nissin Cup Noodle Museum workshop in Tokyo, though I’m not sure if the process is exactly the same!

Mamee Museum Monster KitchenVery colorful and cute cartoon covered the walls upstairs!
Mamee MuseumMamee Museum Mamee Museum

At level one, there’s also a Mamee Cafe where you can eat a variety of noodle dishes, as well as a merchandise store to purchase Mamee aprons, instant noodles, and chips.

Visited on: Nov 2015. Post is updated as per May 2017.
Address:  No 46 & 48, Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker Street), 75200 Melaka
Mamee Jonker House Hours: Mon, Wed, Thur: 10am to 5pm. Fri to Sun: 10am to 7pm. Closed on Tuesdays.
Lil Monster Kitchen workshop:
Only available on Saturdays & Sundays in 3 sessions: 11am, 1.30pm, and 3.30pm. Minimum age: 6 years old.
Duration: approx. 1.5 hours
Price: RM21.20 (including tax, as of May 2017) RM15/pax (excluding tax)
There’re limited slots for each workshop, so booking is required! To reserve, email to or call 012-618 0778 (Charlotte)
Links: Mamee Jonker House’s website | Facebook 

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Making noodles at Malacca Mamee Museum • The Petite Wanderess


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  1. What an awesome experience! I love Mamee noodle snacks! hahaha my sister and I would share those noodle packs and go through those massive packs within a week (oh so bad but so good!)

    1. Thanks Alaine! I loved eating Mamee too with my siblings as kids, it was fun to act like a kid at this workshop hahhaa!

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