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I often use to book accommodation options, both for trips in Asia and Europe. offers an incredible range of hotels, serviced apartments, even hostels, and at great prices than direct booking from the hotel. Best of all, the rooms are often free cancellations should you change your mind. Check your preferred stays for your next trip!

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Agoda is another website I use frequently to check hotel prices and book, especially for trips in Asia. It’s easy to use, costs are clear, and you can even earn credit points to help you offset future stays!

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AirBNB (Residential Apartments)
True it could be a hit-&-miss sometimes; I’ve used AirBNB in Kyoto, Tokyo, Bangkok, Stockholm & my experiences were mixed. Still, I’m nowhere near giving up on AirBNB at all. Get a great discount off your first AirBNB booking when you sign up with this link!

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Expedia (Flight &/Or Hotel Combos)
Expedia offers great prices and deals, especially when you’re looking to put together flight+hotel combo packages. I’ve used Expedia at different times to book packages, discounted flight fares, and hotels. In fact, my first solo trip to Tokyo was easily settled by booking the flight & hotel combo!

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TripAdvisor (Reviews & Experiences)
Before reaching a city, I like to use TripAdvisor as a very quick overview guide of attractions and eateries. After I come back from my trips, I also contribute by leaving reviews on TripAdvisor!

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Skyscanner (Flight Pricing)
If you’ve never tried Skyscanner before, you have to give it a chance! It searches across different airlines for the best flight prices at your time of checking. Afraid to book through third-party agents with dodgy names? I like to use Skyscanner’s pricing as a guide, then book directly from the airlines.

Outfits / Gear / Misc

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Yoga outfits / Hiking pants
No matter I’m taking a flight, doing yoga poses in the hotel room, or even hiking in Bhutan, Onzie is my go-to brand for apparels. The material is smooth, soft, stretchy, wicks moisture away and really comfortable to wear. It’s cooling, so if you’re hiking in cold weather, put on a layer of thermal leggings underneath & you’re good to go! I secretly hope Onzie won’t be too popular so others won’t wear the same as me, but since you’re my reader, I’m sharing with you. Check out Onzie today!

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Photobook Singapore
Love your digital photos but also wish you could see them without having to print individual photos? How about printing a Photobook to document your vacation? I printed my Bhutan trip into one via Photobook Singapore, and loved it!

Useful Travel Apps I Love

XE currency • The Petite Wanderess

XE Currency
Especially useful app to convert prices to your home currency easily!

Libby app • The Petite Wanderess

Libby lets you digitally borrow e-books from your local library. Instead of bringing physical books, I read on my mobile!

Pack Point app • The Petite Wanderess

PackPoint lets you key in a destination, the activities, then generates a list of possible items for your trip. You can add or remove. Makes packing less stressful!

Here we go app logo

Here We Go
Designed for offline navigation, Here We Go lets you download a country’s map before your trip.

Day One journal app • The Petite Wanderess

Day One
Love documenting your trips and memories but find it too much of a hassle to journal on a notebook? Day One is a journalling app that I loved so much I paid a premium subscription for. Even the free version is great for quickly noting down words in different text formats, lets you insert photos, records where you’re journalling from and more.

Headspace meditation app • The Petite Wanderess

Travelling or not, Headspace is a wonderfully designed app that makes meditation easier. With 10 free meditation guided sessions that you can repeat as many times as you like, as a traveller, Headspace helps to make falling asleep in foreign countries easier.

Trello app • The Petite Wanderess

Commonly used for project-management, I actually love using Trello to note my trip full itinerary & plonk in useful information like addresses, directions and more. Trello might not work fully without mobile data though, do note this. Trello syncs on the cloud across different devices.

Travel app – Trabee Pocket • The Petite Wanderess

Trabee Pocket
A well-designed app that makes recording trip budget, expenses, by day & categories like Food, Shopping, Transport etc. I used it in Bangkok and couldn’t be more happy with it!

Blogging Resources

Siteground logo • The Petite Wanderess

After trying different web-hosts over the years both as a consumer and a professional designer, I’m so glad to have finally found Siteground. Their Live Chat support is always prompt, helpful and professional experts. It helps that they’re also all warm and polite on their end. My websites have hardly experienced any downtime. I highly recommend Siteground for all your web-hosting needs, no matter if you’re a blogger or am looking for stable hosts! Check out Siteground’s plans out today!

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Social Warfare
The best social-sharing plugin I found for my travel blog. Social Warfare looks great and works great! Choose between the free or Pro version for your needs. I love the Pro option because it allows me to upload a specific pin image, syncs with Twitter shares, and more!

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