5 reasons to love Changi Airport’s new Terminal 4

If you have no idea, we Singaporeans loveeeee our Changi Airport, to the point that we’ll head over during weekends as family outings, or during weekdays for study breaks or simply do work at (for the students and remote professionals). Our wonderful airport holds a special place in each of our heart and sense of pride, especially when it has won the Best Airport of the Year for the past 5 years in running #ProudSingaporeanMoment

Changi Airport has a new Terminal 4!

Replacing the Budget Terminal, Terminal 4 took three years to be constructed. It will serve select airlines including Air Asia, Cathay Pacific, Korean Air, Vietnam Airlines, Cebu Pacific and Spring Airlines.

For being part of Changi Airport’s Social Ambassador programme, I got invited for a sneak preview of the new Terminal 4, before it holds the Open House to the public over the next few weeks. (Another reason to love CAG – their marketing efforts are always on point!) 

Terminal 4 looks gorgeous!

That will be the visitor’s first impression, for sure. However, more than just aesthetics, I realized that the airport has plenty of features that will improve the user experience.

5 Reasons to Love Changi Airport Terminal 4

1. It’s paradise for a photographer/Instagrammer.

Travelers who’re flying by Terminal 4 will have a field day taking photos for their Instagram at this new airport terminal!

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2. Self-Service & Automated Clearance all the wayyy (almost).

Flying off just got easier. You no longer have to put on your best smile for airline agents, because everything is automated all the way to boarding! From self-service check-in machines, the terminal uses state-of-the-art technology, including fingerprints and facial recognition, to authenticate the passenger’s identity.

Self-Service Check-in Machines

Reasons to Love Changi Airport Terminal 4 • The Petite WanderessThis machine also prints your Boarding Pass + the bag-tag for the baggage that you’re checking in. Attach the bag-tag to your luggage (don’t forget to keep the reference piece justttt in case you need to trace it if it ever goes missing).

Self-Service Automated BagDrop Counters

Reasons to Love Changi Airport Terminal 4 • The Petite WanderessIt was awesome to see that T4’s Bag-Drop belt is mere centimeters off the ground. Hooray especially for the [petite] solo travelers! I’d struggled with lifting my 25kg luggage up onto airports’ bag-drop whenever I leave Europe in winter. This one should be a piece of cake.

(This self-service Bag-Drop service is available for passengers at least 6 years old.)

Although these are automated machines, they can be converted to manned counters anytime, for an airline agent to help you (for eg. if you’re flying First Class and expects service with the human touch).

Self-Service Automated Immigration

Reasons to Love Changi Airport Terminal 4 • The Petite Wanderess

Instead of the security officers checking your passport and boarding pass, this will be done via machines indeed. Scan your passport, boarding pass, the machine takes a photo of your face. Pass the first gate that opens, then scan your thumbprint, pass the second little gate and you can turn around and wave bye to the people sending you off.

(This feature is for Singaporeans / PRs / Long Term Pass Holders / Registered Travellers, and above 6 years old.)

Smooth Bag-Screening with Automated Trays

The section is definitely optimized for speed and efficiency. I love it so much, hence the paragraphs to share the features!

For each bag-screening lane, two passengers can load their tray at each time. This shortens the waiting time we spend waiting for each passenger to slowly remove their jacket, belt, etc. PS: You can keep your laptop and tablet inside your bag! T4 uses new CT Technology, I guess it’s powerful enough to screen that your laptops and tablets are real, functioning gadgets. You don’t have to remove them from your bag during the security screening.

Screened bags will be split into 2 lanes for faster clearance. If all is well, you’ll receive your bags on one lane. If your bag needs special attention, it will move to an inner lane so that the officer can attend to your bag, without the queue being held up. This is ingenious!

Empty trays will be automatically fed to the front. When I was at Qatar’s very modern Doha Airport, I’d noticed that empty trays were fed automatically via a smart belt system. I was delighted to see that Terminal 4 will implement a similar function! Instead of the officers manually returning each unloaded tray to the beginning, now, empty trays will be automatically returned to the start of the line via the belt. Very smooth, Changi Airport.

By now, you’re considered inside the Boarding Zone.

Since your bags have been screened, feel free to refill your water bottles, or purchase drinks at the duty-free shops to bring up for your flight. Awesome right? It’s like Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport – there won’t be enclosed boarding gates nor more bag-screening again for each flight.

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Automated Boarding Gates

At many European airports, I’ve seen passengers using QR codes on their phone apps as their boarding pass, or even airline membership cards like Scandinavian Airlines. All they had to do was flash the phone or their card. But there’s always a staff who has to be there to facilitate the boarding process.

For T4, these machines are placed right before the boarding doors that lead to your plane. Scan your boarding pass paper and the machine will also authenticate your face again. I’m not sure if airline agents will still be here. Maybe yes maybe no!

Reasons to Love Changi Airport Terminal 4 • The Petite Wanderess

 3. It’s so, so thoughtful.

There’s plenty of seats.

And an uncountable number of chargers everywhere!

Reasons to Love Changi Airport Terminal 4 • The Petite Wanderess
each of these seats gets a USB port AND a 3-pin port!

The terminal puts people at the heart of its designs.

No matter if you like quiet time or entertainment.

You can be mesmerized by Petalclouds, the giant kinetic sculpture.

Reasons to Love Changi Airport Terminal 4 • The Petite WanderessTake a seat and enjoy the giant kinetic sculpture called Petalclouds. Six of these structures suspended from the ceiling will move in synchrony with light and music, presenting an art show that’s therapeutic to watch. The moving sculpture can be enjoyed whether you’re a passenger or simply a visitor at the airport.

Watch a FASCINATING animation while queueing for bag-screening.

This huge (70m x 5m) LED screen is fascinating. It showcases the most amazing, beautifully art-directed animated scenes intended to calm your nerves as you queue to have your bags screened. As a designer, I was really impressed! Really great job done by the animators =D

Watch a concrete wall turn into a mini-film.

At the Heritage Zone (check out the beautiful toilets too!), watch what looked like concrete Peranakan shophouses turn into a mini-film. Peranakan Love Story will be projected onto two units, with lovely music and local talents and artistes. I was mesmerized during those 6 minutes!

4. Art and nature blend in harmoniously with the airport terminal.

At the departure area, there are more than 160 real, fig trees planted along the Avenue of Trees.In fact, there’re more plants at T4 than the other 3 terminals combined, amazing!

Art sculptures including the birds (Les Oiseaux, by Cedric le Borgne) are visible around different areas of the airport, and I also came across a sculpture of Coplu’s famous heart balloons.

5. It has the CUTEST housekeepers you’ll ever see.

Reasons to Love Changi Airport Terminal 4 • The Petite WanderessAn intelligent cleaning robot! And it’s dressed like our airport’s cleaning staff, how cute! As our host Melvin was sharing about its capability, the robot made an 180-degree turn around Melvin and scooted off. It had scanned lots of obstacles (us) blocking its way, and went off to clean other areas!

Now, I wish my next flights will all take off from Terminal 4!

The last question: For all it’s worth, why doesn’t the skytrain connect Terminal 4 to the other terminals?

Someone asked this on Facebook. Changi Airport Terminal 4 is accessible by cars and shuttle bus, but not the skytrain that connects Terminals 1 to 3. This is because the bridges on the southern end of Changi Airport are used by planes to cross over to the runway. Underground, there are pipes and cables so digging underground is not possible either.

Are you looking forward to T4’s opening too?

Thank you Changi Airport for hosting the event!

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  1. That cleaning robot was seriously the cutest! I mean come on Singapore, your airport is so damn neat! Loved how you captured the details of this huge airport (i have been there and my feet ached with all the walking that I had to do)

    1. I know right, that robot was super cute! There’s more than one type of these housekeepers around, keep a lookout for it. Changi Airport has 3 terminals, with T4 launching soon and T5 still being built! It’s a fun place to explore =D

  2. I already love Changi! I have spent numerous hours there over the years. I was last there in April and will be back again in the next few months and like you, I hope I have a flight out of T4 because it looks absolutely stunning!

    1. Great to hear, Josie! I too will never get sick of this airport, hehe. Hope your wish comes true that you’ll be flying in/out of T4 the next time you’re in Singapore!

    1. Fancy is the right word Changi Airport is one that I love to go for setting off from adventures, and for coming home to too!

  3. That’s gorgeous! Loving the funky seating and the art (including the clean machine!)

    I have great memories of Changi, even after some pretty long long-haul (14 hours is definitely my tolerance zone), so good to see it gets even better.

    1. Great to hear, Bernadette! Landing at Changi Airport always makes me feel so much better after long flights too, I love that feeling.

  4. I’m always impressed by Changi Airport! The facilities, the restaurants and coffee shops! I’m looking forward to see the opening of Changi Airport Terminal 4! How do I register? I wish that my next holiday flight will be at Changi Airport Terminal 4! Wonderful!!!

    1. Hi Gilda! The Open House previews for the public are apparently all filled up, so I guess you can only wait till the terminal officially opens then you can see it in person! Hope your wish comes true for your next trip to Singapore =)

  5. Ooh, hope it opens before the year ends. My cousin & his wife live in Singapore and keep asking when I’m coming for a visit…I’ll probably fly Air Asia and fly in to Terminal 4 (if open)!

    1. I think it might open before the year ends! At least it was so according to our local news, by this year. All the best Christabel, I’m so excited for you too!

  6. I might be flying from there soon. Now I am really hoping they will chose the right terminal for my flight. Looks so cool. I would love to see that. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  7. Wow! I am so happy I came across your post. I have a flight via Singapore in December and now I wish it is through Terminal 4. I don;t think I can ever get bored at this airport.

    1. Thanks Shristi! Plenty of ways to get entertained at Terminal 4, though there’s also a lot of other options at the other terminals too!

      Hope you’ll get to fly through T4 for your next flight! =)

    1. Thanks Brooke! I’m glad I took your advice! You know, I too was plotting inside my head which airlines to keep in mind next time just so I’ll fly off from T4, whahaha

    1. Yayy Siarra! The petal element is the main design element for this terminal, but I agree with you that ALL the colors looked amazing. I had a great time discovering all the different sofa/couch styles and colors! Loveeeeeee!

  8. Wow! This is the most innovative and creative airport terminal I have ever seen! I love how they’ve blended nature and technology together. This is clearly centered around their customer experience. So inventive!

    1. Thank you Kate! Very proud to hear that as a Singaporean =D I went with an objective perspective too by imagining myself as a traveller – I loved it! So convenient and advanced in technology to boost the user experience =)

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