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Ode to Travel, Art, Design & Culture

Wanderess: “A lady who travels the world in search of meaning, or else engaging in artistic pursuits”.

The Petite Wanderess is a mindful travel & wellness blog created entirely by a blogger from Singapore. The website curates the essence of travel wonders in the form of experiences, travel guides, culture-appreciation, attraction features, and also yoga, health & wellness aspects of life. Over here, you’ll see carefully selected visuals that will ignite a wanderlust in you, and also grab the most important of travel tips to empower your own travels and experiences.

The Petite Wanderess invites you to discover the
wanderful world we live in.

The Petite Wanderess and travel

What you can expect from this travel & wellness blog:

Over here, as an Essentialist, I focus on providing the essence of information – I put myself in you the reader’s shoes to provide answers and tips to the questions you might have before travelling.

You’ll not find super comprehensive things like step-by-step directions, timings, entrance fees. The reason is a practical one – constantly editting 100+ articles with updated information will take too much time when you can easily find them at the tourism board’s website should you decide to go.

I hope you’ll enjoy the featured content on The Petite Wanderess website carefully crafted with my heart & uncountable hours, and that they be inspiring and helpful to you =)

Kristine Li at Abu Dhabi desert

Kristine Li, the blogger & content creator of everything you see here

Hello & welcome to my travel blog!

If you hadn’t already guessed it already, I’m 5ft petite (a nicer word for “short”), and was born and raised in Singapore. As a traveller, I enjoy solo travel from time to time, and most of all – really love exploring new places. I’m an Introvert, and also get social + travel anxiety more often than I can learn to cope fast enough with, so get a peek into the actual struggles I have when travelling!

Besides keeping up with this travel blog, I’m actually a freelance Professional Creative Designer, having worked with/for brands including Marina Bay Sands, Canon, SingTel, Young Living, TheJellyHearts and many more. I’m currently also a Wellness Therapist in-training, so you’ll see wellness articles from time to time.

The Petite Wanderess blog is mostly a passion project. It would therefore mean a lot to me if you would check out the hotel links and products I recommend on my website, and & book through the links, as I might earn a tiny cut of commission as recommendation fees (trust me, I’m paying out of my pocket a whole lot more than ‘what the website earns’).

I also run a small business selling art prints created by myself, travel posters and mindful products on Made Wanderful. Hope you can support by visiting my little online store!

If you’re a brand/association/tourism board and are interested to discuss partnerships, you can find more info on the Work With Me page.

How The Petite Wanderess came about

This travel blog started off as the most natural thing for me to do. I’ve always been blogging, from dinosaur years back on Diaryland, to Geocities, Livejournal, Medium, Dayre and then WordPress. I enjoy fiddling with web design and am rather obsessed about documenting experiences. Besides that, I enjoy taking photos of beautiful places and then sharing them. Travelling, just like writing, has always been a part of me – they heal and rejuvenate my soul. Are you like that too?

All the trips featured on this blog are self-paid unless otherwise stated. My views remain independent, regardless. (Looking to work with a trustworthy travel blogger? We can collaborate! Or contact me directly.)

This blog is for you

If you’re

the wanderluster who sees the world with renewed curiosity & positivity with each trip,
• the new-found appreciator of nature (even though you really fear creepy-crawlies),
• the grateful traveler who appreciates Privilege and an amazing hiking trail,
• the unconventional individual who wants to carve her own trail and never believes in conforming for the sake of it,
• the anxious traveler who can always go with a boost of courage.

Join my petite adventures as I share travel discoveries and stories.

Find my posts helpful?

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Thank you for coming by. Namaste!

“I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.”

– Mary Anne Radmacher

Where I've been

Countries I’ve been blessed to visit!

ASIA: Bhutan ChinaHong KongIndonesiaJapanKorea • Macau • MalaysiaMyanmar • TaiwanThailand • Vietnam

EUROPE: Austria • Belgium • France • Germany • GreeceItaly • Liechtenstein • Monaco • Netherlands • Norway • SpainSweden • Switzerland • United Kingdom • Vatican City

MIDDLE EAST: United Arab Emirates

OCEANIA: Australia

“Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures.”

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