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A Proposal [sorta] & Dinner at Jimbaran, Bali

“Would you like to live in Bali? Balinesese men (*gestures to himself*) very good!”

And something about them being religious and praying a few times a day. I had just finished dinner at Jimbaran beach, right then a Balinese man decided I’m marriage-material. This man works at the seafood restaurant said the above sentence to me after a “Konnichiwa“. He had thought I’m Japanese, as sometimes people assume when I’m overseas.

Right away, my friend burst into laughter and said, “Proposal!” It was then that I realized the Balinese man had just proposed to me (hahaha). Not sure how to react, I just laughed it away. Thankfully, our driver arrived right then and I scooted off into the car, forbidding my friends to continue the conversation.

tables set up at the beach at Jimbaran, Bali

Jimbaran, located on Bali’s southwestern coast, is known to be the place that offers fresh seafood for dinner at the beach. It is a rather lovely atmosphere: tables set up on the sand, your dining space is lit by candles, the sea is just beside you / ahead of you. If you reach early, you can even enjoy the sunset, while waiting for the kitchen to grill the seafood you had either chosen at the entrance or ordered at your table.

During dinner, sometimes there are cultural performances like the Barong dance on the stage/platform, or maybe a band or singer will come by your table with guitars and belt out a tune.

cultural performance during seafood dinner at Jimbaran, Bali
Barong dance

Jimbaran Bali dinner singersIt was actually very dark so you can’t really see clearly what you’re eating.[insert]Jimbaran Bali dinner food Jimbaran Bali dinner girls

A Jimbaran beach dinner is one of the most common experiences your Balinese driver will likely recommend, but do note this is largely a tourist thing. I will recommend only for the atmosphere. Seafood is charged by weight. Read more reviews by TripAdvisor here.

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