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What does Travel mean to you?

There are people that feel they need to prepare a lot of money to travel, because it will be a vacation from work, an escape from trapped days of daily work hell. They feel they should not mistreat themselves when they can finally get away, by that, I meant staying at good hotels, flying to world-class cities, not having to pause and contemplate the expensive restaurant, buying up every Chanel/Prada, you get the drift.

Nothing is wrong with this perspective, of course. You work hard, you treat yourself well. I myself refuse to stay at accommodations where cleanliness and hygiene are compromised as reflected in reviews.

The trade-off is, it might mean a lower frequency that you can actually travel, because let’s be realistic. How often do you think you should allow yourself to fly if each trip easily means $3k-$8k gone? Multiply that amount if you’re paying for more than your own share.

What does Travel mean to you?

To me, travelling means to see the world. To look at how people live their lives, to soak in a little bit of their culture in those limited days that we are in their country.

I would notice the speed at which people walk in their country. I note what activities keep them occupied in their leisurely hours. I observe how they interact with their peers. I try to make sense of what drives them every day. I record snippets of the differences in their lifestyles in comparison with the lifestyle I know in my own country.

When you see differences in how people live in another place, it somehow puts renewed perspective into your life, your mind, your thoughts and your actions.

My travel intentions are to see, feel, remember and share about my discoveries and experiences.

The Petite Wanderess and travel
some memories from past trips

Over the years, my travelling styles have evolved. I used to want to shop and buy many things: clothes, accessories, bags, shoes. I am happiest hauling back a bursting suitcase of material goods. But now, more than ever, I wish to see and experience different things in other countries. I want to travel slowly, to absorb every sensation deeply.

What does Travel mean to you?

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