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Welcome to The Petite Wanderess!

Hello! My name is Kristine, welcome to this new travel & lifestyle blog! This site is a personal site dedicated to travelling, stories from the road, thoughts on the road, and more than that, this space is an ode to acknowledging wonders, a little positivity, art and design around us, about how we can live different lifestyles and still experience the same kind of fulfilment and satisfaction. It is about the road less travelled.

A little introduction about me

The Petite Wanderess, Kristine Li

I’m a designer. Travelling, taking photos of new places, writing and sharing about experiences are what I enjoy.

I was born in a tiny but amazing country called Singapore. For most of my life, it has been a safe and sheltered environment. Travelling, however, let me gain new perspectives. I arrived in cities where there’s no working escalators at train stations, where taxi-drivers think petite girls will not put up a fight if they go against their word and charge exhorbitant amounts for short rides. While hiking 1700m up Mount Batur, I almost collapsed from poor breathing being sick and all and yet still climbing a mountain. I have been reduced to silence in awe at the artistic levels of architectural feats in Europe.

I experienced a different world outside of my country. It constantly fascinates me how HUGE our world is, and how different lives people can lead from us. Up till 2015, I have visited 20+ countries and popped by many more cities and states.

The Petite Wanderess is a Travel & Lifestyle Blog

On Travel

In Susan Cain’s book, introverts feel more. I hope this trait serves well for me to write more stories in my voice. TPW will consist of plenty of travel stories, interesting sights captured from this big, big world. Expect to see content-rich posts right here!

The Petite Wanderess and travel

On Life

The Petite Wanderess will also contain some of my musings, observations and things that I’m constantly fascinated by, such as: cultures, yoga, humans, living, design, fashion, arts. (You will not be seeing #ootds as blog features, don’t worry!) Over the last 2 years, a different path has steered me into a different direction. I quit my full-time job, set up my own design business, committed time to yoga classes and also took mindfulness courses.

These two years have also shaped me and taught me more than ever, and I’m looking forward to more new routes and challenges. I’m also contemplating more solo-travelling trips to places I’ve never been, so stay tuned!

My name is Kristine. I’m petite, introverted, too dependent for my liking, and I’m also going to write about facing these issues here.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you’ll enjoy reading the stories!

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