Day Trip to Kamakura (Tokyo) in Autumn

Kamakura, Hakone and Nikko are a few of the most recommended day trips from Tokyo. I had a free day to my own in Tokyo and had a tough time making a decision, finally deciding on Kamakura! Conveniently an hour by train from Tokyo, Kamakura is located in the Kanagawa Prefecture.

Doing it solo: A day trip to Kamakura

I arrived, not knowing much about this coastal town. I had no idea its size or how to get around. All I knew was Kamakura has a giant bronze Buddha statue, and bamboo trees at Hokokuji Temple. Thankfully, I exited the station and there was a Tourist Office right there. The officer recommended some places of interest and general info on getting around (mainly bus), and off I set off on my first destination.

The first: a small but beautiful Hōkoku-ji temple

I arrived at Hōkoku-ji Temple, to be greeted by amazing autumn foliage and quiet zen gardens.

entrance of Hokoku-ji, Tokyo | Kamakura Day Trip in autumn • The Petite WanderessIt was the second week of December and I’d never expected to see autumn foliage at all. Stepping into the temple grounds, I gasped in surprise. It was so beautiful! I almost couldn’t believe my eyes, and was at a loss between admiring the light on the little gardens with my eyes, or take plenty of photos for documentation social media purposes.

A post shared by Kristine🌟Petite Wanderess (@thepetitewanderess) on <<<< class=”wp-image-10264 size-large” src=”=/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/kamakura-day-trip-03-1000×575.jpg” alt=”autumn trees | Kamakura Day Trip in autumn • The Petite Wanderess” width=”1000″ height=”575″>Kamakura Day Trip in autumn • The Petite WanderessKamakura Day Trip in autumn • The Petite WanderessHōkoku-ji’s Bamboo Garden Hokokuji is known as the Bamboo Temple because of its bamboo garden within the temple grounds. Though a very small garden which you can walk through within minutes, the size and sheer height of the moso-bamboo (the biggest series of bamboo) from ground up were enough to overwhelm. When the sun shines through from the top and the trees sway in the wind with a hissing sound, you feel strangely enveloped by a sense of serenity. This memory became more distinct to me than experiencing Arashiyama’s famous bamboo grove.

bamboo garden at Hokoku-ji | Kamakura Day Trip in autumn • The Petite Wanderess

More autumn foliage at the temple

Further in, I came across the most unbelievable autumn foliage within the inner grounds and I was breathless with awe. With such outbursts of colors among trees, plants, shrubs, a little zen garden ahead, and a little bamboo pipe dripping water melodiously into a tiny river, all my senses were captured right then. I took many photos, afraid my memory might fail me in future, before turning to mindfully appreciate the serenity and beauty in front of me.

autumn foliage at Hokokuji | Kamakura Day Trip in autumn • The Petite Wanderessautumn & zen garden at Hokokuji | Kamakura Day Trip in autumn • The Petite Wanderess

Next: the Great Buddha Daibutsu (Kōtoku-in temple)

After lunch at the train station, I took another bus to visit the Great Buddha (Daibutsu Buddha). Again, autumn foliage awaits.

Big Buddha | Kamakura Day Trip in autumn • The Petite Wanderessautumn foliage | Kamakura Day Trip in autumn • The Petite WanderessAfter walking one round behind the Great Buddha, and having taken enough photos, I left the temple grounds. Since I have no more plans for this day trip in Kamakura (read: insufficient research), I took a walk down the road, following where others seemed to be heading.

sunset at Kamakura | Kamakura Day Trip in autumn • The Petite WanderessNot too long after, I saw signs leading to Hase-dera, and decided to visit it.

Hase-Kannon Temple (Hase-dera)

Kamakura Day Trip in autumn • The Petite WanderessHasedera’s temple grounds have a pretty garden and ponds, an observation deck, as well as a small cave where you need to duck to walk through. Ps: there are plenty of staircases at this place!

Kamakura Day Trip in autumn • The Petite WanderessKamakura Day Trip in autumn • The Petite WanderessHasedera Temple is known for its 9.18m-tall, wooden statue of Kannon (otherwise known as Guanyin – Goddess of Mercy), one of the finest wooden statues in Japan, housed in a hall. To pray for blessings, I lit a little candle, before leaving to explore the rest of the temple.

Hasedera’s walking path

There’s a walking path consisting of many steps which you can climb up, for an elevation point where you can see this coastal town that Kamakura is. I hurriedly made my way there, getting a little afraid that I don’t have enough time to leave Hasedera before it closes!

aerial view, Kamakura | Kamakura Day Trip in autumn • The Petite WanderessThankfully, I made it up and down quite quickly.

Kyozo Sutra Archive

Kamakura Day Trip in autumn • The Petite WanderessThis little shrine is the Kyozo Sutra Archive. Inside, you’ll find rotating bookracks called rinzo, which contain the Buddhist sutras for the temple. It is said that turning the rinzo will earn you the same merit as per reading the sutras. There wasn’t anyone inside when I went in and turned all those metal containers in a certain direction. By the time I left, there was the ceaseless melody coming from within, as other people stepped in after I did and did the same thing 🙂

Goodbye Kamakura.

By 4.30pm in the season, the skies in Kamakura were already turning dark. I walked down this road, watching little Japanese schoolchildren going home excitedly. For a moment, I wondered how it was like to live in this pretty, quiet town. It must be very nice =)

sunset in Kamakura | Kamakura Day Trip in autumn • The Petite Wanderess

The next time I visit Kamakura, I’ll rent a bicycle to get around!

With that, I made my way back to Shinjuku, tired but very pleased with this little day trip to Kamakura!

How to get to Kamakura from Shinjuku:

Take the train at JR Shonan-Shinjuku Line. If the train is bound for Zushi (逗子), this train will make a stop at Kamakura (about one hour’s ride from Shinjuku). If the train is bound for Odawara, transfer at Ofuna station, taking the Yokosuka Line bound for Zushi (alight train at Kamakura station). For other methods, refer to this page.

Getting around Kamakura:

I took different buses at Kamakura station (it’s both the train & bus stations), here’s the itinerary and transport methods. Sorry, I don’t remember the bus numbers!

Kamakura station — bus –> Hokokuji
Hokokuji Temple — bus –>  Kamakura station
Kamakura station — bus –> Great Buddha temple
Great Buddha temple — walk –> Hasedera Temple
Hasedera Temple — bus –> Kamakura station

Tip: Kamakura Free Kankyo Tegata is a useful one-day bus pass which costs 570yen/adult, 290 yen/child, available for purchase at the Tourist Office at Kamakura train station. The bus pass is not available for sale on 1-3 Jan.

Are you intending to visit Kamakura as a day trip the next time you’re in Tokyo?

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Kamakura Day Trip in autumn • The Petite Wanderess

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  1. Hi Kristine! When you left a comment on my blog post about Kamakura, I was eager to read about your impressions of Kamakura in autumn. So, I managed to find your blog; Kamakura looks wonderful in all the autumn colours, and we didn’t get to see the Hokoku-ji temple- maybe that’s something we should visit next time. 🙂
    Thank you for reaching out, looking forward to read more of your travels.


    1. Hi Anja! I’m so happy you came by, thank you! Kamakura indeed was a very mesmerizing place.

      Meanwhile, I will also be checking out your beautiful travel entries! =)

  2. Those autumn colors are beautiful. It’s my favorite time of year and it looks fantastic in Japan! Possible as nice as the cherry season? Love your photos

  3. I’m planning to go for a day trip in late November, so I”m really happy to have found this! Thanks for the information and beautiful photos. I hope to get some nice pictures for my social media too… 🙂

    1. Great to hear, Anna! Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving a comment. I’ll be visiting Kamakura again sometime this November. Wish us both luck in spotting the best of autumn foliage at this pretty town =D

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