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10 photos from Japan to inspire you for autumn

After experiencing autumn in various parts of Japan (far from enough), I’m putting together this short post on some wonderful photos of the autumn I saw in Japan! Let’s enjoy some virtual momijigari together – a Japanese term which translates to “going to see the autumn leaves”.

Autumn in Japan –
Stunning, lovely colors of fall season

Mount Takao, Tokyo

I’ve written about hiking Mt Takao before, and went a second time two weeks ago, with my Mum this time. It was sunny, bright and cooling weather – a great memory.

Stunning photos of autumn in Japan • The Petite Wanderess

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Rikugi-en Park (六義園), Tokyo

You’ve probably seen photos of this park (more than 3 centuries old by now) in Tokyo. When I went two weeks ago, the leaves were not in full autumn peak season yet, but it was still very refreshing to walk around the park and enjoy the landscaping, and some sunshine.

Stunning photos of autumn in Japan • The Petite Wanderess

Check out my Instagram post for a unique twist of the photo above!

Ginkgo Avenue (Tokyo)

Not a park, but actually a road with giant trees along both sides of the road, crossing the traffic lights here was an incredible experience (because you gotta cross quickly among the crowds yet also capture photos)!

Kamakura (Tokyo)

Easily accessed by train from Shinjuku, Kamakura is a coastal town with many interesting sights, including a Big Buddha, Hokoku-ji temple with a bamboo garden, and more. I’d went Kamakura as a day trip in Nov 2015 and 2017. It was crowded on weekends, I’ll advise you to go on weekdays!

autumn foliage at Hokokuji | Kamakura Day Trip in autumn • The Petite Wanderess

Fujikawaguchiko (Yamanashi)

Two hours by highway bus, Fujikawaguchi (also known as Kawaguchiko) is much more relaxed compared to the bustling city that Tokyo is. We climbed up almost 400 steps to get to Chureito Pagoda, the pagoda you often see on Instagram.

Stunning photos of autumn in Japan • The Petite WanderessStunning photos of autumn in Japan • The Petite Wanderess

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Arashiyama (Kyoto)

It was wet weather when I experienced Arashiyamaya, very different from the bright, sunny photos I saw that feature the famous bamboo grove. However, this is still beautiful to see in autumn, including after sunset, when Hanatouro (a light festival in November) takes place!

Hanatouro (Kyoto Arashiyama) • Petite Wanders

View my feature on Hanatouro, the annual lights festival in Kyoto!

Nara (Kyoto)

deer and humans at deer park in autumn | Nara Day Trip from Kyoto • The Petite Wanderess

Hope you like this little photo diary of autumn shots in Japan!

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Stunning photos of autumn in Japan • The Petite Wanderess

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  1. Amazing photos! It is making me sad that we don’t have fall in Arizona. Just winter and summer. You did a great job capturing the beauty of these places as well!

    1. Thanks Aireona! We only have summer in Singapore, haha! But it makes visiting other countries for their seasons even more magical right? 😉

  2. Hi,

    Nice write up and photos!
    I’ll be going Tokyo in mid November.
    Bewteen Mt Fuji and Kyoto, which would you choose! Thanks!

    1. Hi Anna! Hmm, it’s a tough one. I just checked, Kyoto autumn is about mid- to late November. I’ll say Kyoto will be a trip that will give you more in return because Kyoto’s attractions are very appealing by themselves, even if autumn is not in full-bloom, whereas Kawaguchiko area is a matter of luck for spotting Mt Fuji + also the snow peak on the mountain may not be at its nicest as it’s not cold enough. Kyoto will be very popular in autumn though so there’s a matter of crowds to bear in mind (Kawaguchiko gets crowded too but I feel their infrastructure isn’t very prepared to handle).

      Hope this helps!

    1. Hi Cecil! I’ve visited Tokyo in Nov at different weeks of November on different trips! For this post’s photos, most of the photos are from the 2nd last, or the very end of November 🙂

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