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How to Overcome That Fear of Facing Time Alone

Perhaps a sweeping statement, but I can’t help but notice that many are afraid to face time alone.

Afraid to be alone with their thoughts.

Afraid to face quietness.

Afraid to find out what’s inside their head.

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Afraid to have to question themselves what really drives them every single day, other than a paycheck that gives them security and the freedom to take escapades. Waiting and wishing for a time that their life can really begin. Not realizing that in fact, any free time they get, they’re actually escaping from themselves.

Now it’s a habit of mine to pick up the phone whenever I need a break from what I was occupied with at the moment, thinking I’m getting a mental break. It’s not. I’m only taking a break from what I was focused on earlier, but switching now towards filling my mind with other fluff. But, if you make me put down the phone and just be, I feel a certain trepidation. What will I face? Gee, that’s pretty scary. Getting distracted by my phone is easier. Scrolling Instagram is easier.

Not good.

So here I am, trying to kick the habit by being more mindful of my actions.

If you can enjoy the company of yourself, you too will be good company to others. For now, on my own, I will keep learning to enjoy the company of myself.

There is a light that shines from within, whoever you may be.

So how does one overcome this fear? There is only one way: adopt a mindful way and disciplined approach towards facing it. And in my honest opinion, the fastest, harshest, yet most effective method is to take a solo trip. It doesn’t even need to be a long trip. Baby steps are good enough. You will learn plenty from one such trip, I promise.

Header image: “I hope you dance”, created and digitally retouched by me. You can view more of my designs here or on my art Instagram account.

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