On my birthday, other than yoga, the only thing I wanted to do was to HIKE, and by chance I came across the existence of Campuhan Ridge Walk in Ubud, Bali, via TripAdvisor, saw some photos on Instagram, and decided this shall be my activity on my birthday morning!

Where / What is Campuhan Ridge Walk?

Within walking distance from the city centre in Ubud, Bali, this is a paved trail through Campuhan Ridge. It’s a relatively easy hike. I’m not very active by nature but this hike was more than alright for me! It’s really quite a walk through nature.

On that morning, at about 7.10am, we took our hotel’s (briefly reviewed in this post) complimentary shuttle ride and the driver dropped us in front of the sign at Warwick Ibah. This will be your most prominent starting point that leads to Campuhan Ridge Walk. Take the left path sloping downwards. For clearer directions, I found an illustrated map via this website.

warwick ibah signage, before Campuhan Ridge Walk, Bali

long shadows from the morning sun, and my lens was fogged up from the aircon

A 2km hike one-way, it was a beautiful morning and I was really happy to be surrounded by all the lush greeneries! On our way through the trail, there were already hikers coming from the opposite direction. They had finished the hike and were making their way out, while we were just starting. As with hiking culture, hikers will greet each other a good morning while walking past. It’s something I really like about hiking.

Campuhan Ridge Walk Campuhan Ridge WalkCampuhan Ridge Walkstriking a yoga pose at Campuhan Ridge Walk

A village and rice fields

The hike turned out to be shorter than I’d expected and it ended rather abruptly. We arrived at a village and decided to keep walking on. There were houses around and people riding past on motorbikes, and plenty of rice terraces around! I imagined living there, being so close to nature, and thought it must be quite lovely.

village near Campuhan Ridge Walkrice fields near Campuhan Ridge Walkrice fields near Campuhan Ridge Walk

In case you didn’t realize, rice fields are wetlands soaked in water, so don’t go stomping down the fields as if they were dry. I took these photos from a safe zone, on concrete road, teehee.

rice fields near Campuhan Ridge Walk

Walking further on, we saw these cute huts ahead and decided we’ll stop here (Karsa Cafe) for drinks and breakfast.

Karsa Cafe

Karsa Cafe

We got one of these ‘floating huts’ to ourselves, with a lotus pond surrounding us. Although the sun was blazing outside, there was a breeze blowing through, #BLISS. After ordering breakfast, we rotted sat at our little pavilion for more than 2 hours, in a state of complete relaxation, until eventually, the waitress brought us the bill (ok we got the hint).
Karsa CafeKarsa Cafe

Breakfast! There was also another plate of [very salty] mee goreng which I didn’t take a photo of.
breakfast at Karsa Cafelotus pond at Karsa CafeKarsa Cafe

This was the bill for our breakfast for two: 200,000 IDR which converts to S$21 / USD$15.Karsa Cafe bill

Karsa Cafe faces more lotus ponds and rice terraces. There is also a spa (Karsa Spa) if you wanna indulge in further therapy!lotus pond near Karsa Cafe, after Campuhan Ridge Walk

rice fields near Karsa Cafe, after Campuhan Ridge Walk
rice fields and someone’s drone in the sky

The Walk Back

We walked back the same way we came – through the village and Campuhan Ridge Walk. This time, I noticed the art shops around!

Campuhan Ridge Walk
walking on sunshine!

village after Campuhan Ridge Walkart shop at Campuhan Ridge WalkCampuhan Ridge Walk

Back at the ridge, my happy spot. I took a long time to walk through because it was gorgeous!

Campuhan Ridge Walk

Campuhan Ridge Walk

After leaving the ridge

After you leave Campuhan Ridge Walk, you can choose to walk along the main road, towards Ubud Art Market’s direction. Not too far ahead, there’s a Lotus Cafe and Lotus Temple (Saraswati Temple). You can easily find it because it’s right behind Starbucks, on the left side of the road. I didn’t enter the temple but took this photo from Lotus Cafe. It’s a very photogenic spot!Saraswati Temple / Lotus Temple

Good to know before you go hike at Campuhan Ridge Walk

Campuhan Ridge Walk is a nature trail – there ARE insects, flying bugs, what-nots. It’ll be good if you could put on insect repellent before going.Campuhan Ridge WalkStart early, to avoid the merciless hot sun of Bali. I started the hike by about 715am and it was already getting hot. By the time I left the ridge at about 11am, I had to take my umbrella out hahaha, because the sun was burning my skin!
Put on sunscreen before going!
Bring a small bottle of water to rehydrate if you don’t intend to stop for drinks.
The hike is mostly unsheltered the whole way, so you’re subject to the weather’s elements be it sun or rain.
The main walk is mostly paved road, so I don’t see any problem if kids were to hike too.
• This place is open to public – there’s no fees or anything.

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Campuhan Ridge Walk

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